Welcome to the official Guncoin (GUN) mining pool
posted 02/27/2018 11:43:21 by AcidD

The Guncoin (GUN) Pool details

- Pool Fee: 0% 
- Reward System: PPLNS
- Mining Algorithm:    neoScrypt

We run 3 separate stratum servers with different difficulty. 

Stratum - 1
Static difficulty of 256 - This is our standard stratum port for most CPU / GPU Miners

  • stratum+tcp://guncoinpool.com:4056 

Stratum - 2
Variable diffculty between 128 - 1024  -  This is mostly for high-end graphics cards and bigger GPU miners

  • stratum+tcp://guncoinpool.com:4024

Stratum - 3
Static difficulty of 4096 - This is mostly for cloud miners / niceHash

  • stratum+tcp://guncoinpool.com:4096

Quick start: 

First you need to download your chosen miner software, see below. 

CPU Mining - Download CPU Miners  (current version 2.4.3)

GPU Mining - nVidia - Download CCminer
https://github.com/KlausT/ccminer/releases (current version 8.20)

GPU Mining - AMD/ATI - Download NSGMiner 
https://github.com/ghostlander/nsgminer/releases (current version 0.9.4)

Register an account on the pool, login and create a worker.  You then specify your worker to your miner software. 

in the below example we use nsgminer.exe,  we specify the neoscrypt kernel, the guncoin stratum server and the  Username.WorkerName:WorkerPassword

So the username is "AcidD"  the worker name is "1"   and the worker password is "xx"

minerd -a -t 6 -s 4 -o stratum+tcp://guncoinpool.com:4024 -u AcidD.1 -p xx

ccminer.exe -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp://guncoinpool.com:4024  -u AcidD.1 -p xx

nsgminer.exe -k neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp://guncoinpool.com:4024  -O AcidD.1:xx

Please check your Spam/Junk-Mail folder for your activation email, if you did not receive it, please see our Telegram group below. 

Join us on Telegram @  t.me/guncoin_group 

Happy Mining 
- The Guncoin Team